Outdoor Solar Lights Replacement

Creative Ideas for Outdoor Solar Light Placement

Outdoor Solar Lights Replacement. Outdoor lighting for your home or business has never been more available or affordable. That is because thanks to advances in solar power technology you will never again have to worry about how much an outdoor light is going to jack up your electric bill. Thanks to the power of the sun it won’t be affected at all.

There are solar lights out there for all sorts of outdoor purposes. You can use them to light up your dark driveway or even to show your holiday spirit! The dazzling array of functions and locations for Outdoor Solar Lights Replacement are sure to blow your mind. Here are a few fun ideas for ways you can involve solar lights into your house and yard.

Solar Tube Light 50 Light

With this item, there is no limit to the number of places you can shine a light. This string of solar tube lights has either 50 or 102 white LED lights inside a PVC tube that is designed to hold up against the elements.

These lights are powered by sunlight, which charges two AA batteries that are already installed. The solar tube lights even have a built-in sensor that turns them on at dusk. Once you have them installed you can just forget about them.

These lights are great to run up the edges of your driveway or down your sidewalk or walkway. Feeling festive? Then you can use them to run around your windows, along the railing of your back porch, or even up your mailbox post!

Solar Glow in Dark Garden Lights

One of the best things about summertime is the ability to grow and tend to a garden. It allows you to eat healthily and on the cheap!

The problem with a garden is that it isn’t really practical for late-night snacking. How are you supposed to go out back and get some fresh basil and tomatoes to spice up your frozen cheese pizza when it is pitch black outside?

Never worry about this common problem again with solar glow in dark garden lights. This cost and energy-efficient lights are illuminated through an artistic glass globe that is modeled to look like the Earth in rotation. These globes will light up your garden at night while still looking natural in the daytime.

These lights each have a ten-foot cord so you can place the lights a distance from the actual solar panel if you like. They stake in the ground easily and come in sets of three.

Mini Solar Spot Light

This tiny little solar spotlight has a whole world of potential uses. It is only 2” x 2 ½” x ¾” and is so light you can hang it up just by using double-sided tape.

The mini solar spotlight has plenty of practical uses like lighting up your house number, your mailbox or the keyhole on your front door. But the portability of this light lends itself to creativity as well. Got an NRA sticker on your window to ward away potential intruders? Light that baby up with this handy little light.

Slim Solar Powered Light

These units are great because they are so portable. When illuminated they look like a half-sized lightsabre with the solar panel in the middle. They measure 1” x 15” x ½” so it is easy to slip them in anywhere. The power-up by the sun all day and stay on until dawn.

The slim solar powered lights are great for putting on the stairs that lead up to your back porch. That way if you are sitting in the backyard looking up at the stars at night you don’t break your neck walking back into the house.

These are also great for weekend camping trips. If you and the family are headed out to the cabin for a few nights you can just leave them out on the picnic table all day and not have to worry about lanterns or flashlights all night.

Solar Spot Light

There are a number of uses for a solar spotlight that you can stake into the ground. The obvious ones include lighting up your walkways, your back patio, or your front steps.

But a portable solar spotlight like this can also be used for any number of aesthetic purposes. Do you have an interesting sculpture or a beautiful tree in front of the house? The light that bad boy up! This is also great if you have a big holiday display in your front yard. No longer are you limited by things that light up when you can illuminate anything yourself!

The solar spotlight lets the sun power three extremely bright LEDs all day without any cords or outlets needed. It turns on automatically at night.

Odds are that no matter where you live you use outdoor lighting somewhere or other. Do the right thing for the environment, and for your wallet, by making those lights solar-powered.

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