DIY: How to Style a Country Side Kitchen

Country kitchen themes are very popular with many people. The décor is simple, inexpensive, and easy to find. It portrays a comfort and homey feeling most require for their kitchens. There are many ways to create the country kitchen appearance in any home.

The themes of the country kitchen are available is various themes. The themes can include the folk art, nature, the country farm or custom fire pits. Each provides comfort and peaceful settings. Based on the desires of the individual, the kitchen can become a work of art as well as a functioning room in the

The folk art theme consists of using crafts, knickknacks, candles, and items of a certain era. The wallpaper can have chickens, cows, farm implements, tractors, and barns. The theme is expanded with adding items on the walls including a hand washboard or clothespins. Adding wooden ducks on a shelf will add to appeal of the theme. Using clocks with the theme such as cows, tractors, chickens, and fruit will enhance the theme.

The wallpaper can have borders or wainscoting added to create a calming and cozy effect. Add crown molding to the ceiling to take the theme to the ceiling. Plate rails make a nice touch to the country kitchen.

The colors used in the country kitchen are bright but also subtle. The colors include blues, reds, greens, creams, and yellows. The different colors add many options to the design of the wallpaper and the accessories used in the room. Using a calming color for the kitchen provides the setting of tranquility and peacefulness.

The patterns used with the country kitchen are used on the curtains, tablecloths, and chair coverings. The patterns are incorporated into the hand towels, hot holders, dishrags, and rugs. This different placement of the patterns creates a beautiful room in the home. Some of the country theme includes ruffles or seersucker material. These additions were all products of the era, which help to create the perfect country theme in the kitchen.

The furniture associated with the country theme is basically wood objects If you are looking to create a real ambiance of country style living then maybe you should consider buying a farmhouse table. The cane back or mission style chairs are the most popular style. Adding a bench to the kitchen table adds to the appearance of the theme. The colors of the wood include white, oak, cherry, and maple. The colors can be light or dark depending on the preferences of the individuals. Adding a hutch or china cabinet is another furniture option for the area. This provides additional space while displaying the dinnerware sharing the same theme.

Making the country kitchen will be something everyone will enjoy since it will make the kitchen a retreat offering a pleasant and cozy room to share the special times in life.…

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